Stuff Christians Like

If you haven’t read anything on this site yet, give it a try, because it’s healthy for us to laugh at ourselves.

Most posts are like these:

#176. Giving Open Flames to Kids on Christmas Eve

#151. Francine Rivers, the Thoenes and other books with windswept people on the cover.


And then every once in a while there’s one like this:

#172. Letting Porn Win

2 Responses to “Stuff Christians Like”

  1. cascadingwaters

    The candle thing is entirely why my children beg to go to Easter Vigil Mass. “That’s the one with the fire, right?””Can we go to the one with the candles, pleeeze?”(And if you think that this is entirely accidental, you gotta remember: the Roman Catholic church has been trying to get people to come for centuries now. If it takes fire, hey, fire they’ll get!)


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