Yup, that about sums it up for me…

How do you respond when a band says, “I Just Want to Sing About Jesus”?

Sounds good at the outset, right?

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  1. cascadingwaters

    Yeah, I’m thinking, say, the apostle Paul is going to have a word or two to say to those guys. Then I’m thinking someone’s going to turn them over to great composers…Being a Christian isn’t an excuse for putting out lousy work. It’s a motivation for doing even better.


  2. Friend of Cirdan

    “The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.” (Francis Schaeffer)I’m with Francis on this one…


  3. ReformedMommy

    I accidentally posted my comment about gDiapers here – but perhaps that’s because there’s some kind of connection….?? For the record, that kind of attitude is the same kind of thing that results in fish symbols all over the Yellow pages and Encourage-mints in so-called Christian bookstores…blecch.


  4. ReformedMommy

    “Being a Christian isn’t an excuse for putting out lousy work. It’s a motivation for doing even better.”True, but the problem is there aren’t enough people calling others to professional and spiritual account for not doing it. I just sat through an excruciatingly painful Sunday School lesson taught by a kid in his last year of seminary (the real teacher was out of town) and it was BRUTAL – nothing but sytstematic re-reading of the text and the notes for 45 minutes. One of our elders was there and so afterwards I asked some pointed questions about who he was, where he was going to school, how long had he been there, who else might have taught the class, everything except the obvious “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!” As one of my husband’s Bible profs used to say “You think you’re called to preach,(or sing) but we’re not called to listen”end rant


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