BurdaStyle — “Open Source Sewing” for those of you who, like me, have lots of free time to pursue crafty hobbies. FREE patterns that you can print off on your computer’s printer (just be sure to read the directions first!).

3 Responses to “Linkage”

  1. Rebecca

    The “lots of free time to pursue crafty hobbies” was sarcastic, right? Please tell me there’s no way you raise 4 boys, homeschool them, garden, keep up a house, meal plan, grocery shop and cook everyday and get ready to birth number 5 AND sew?


  2. Kelly

    Oh my, yes. “Crafty hobbies” in my life = sweeping the floor (or not), picking up the clutter….Guess I need to work on my sarcasm! 😀


  3. cascadingwaters

    Oooh…free patterns…Wonder if they’ll do kids?I’d better restrain myself as I’m only finishing my Easter dress now!


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