Mrs. Fix-It

This morning I fixed our vacuum!!

I had to take some screws out and disassemble it a little bit, but it all went back together and worked better than when I started.

This is rare, since my attempts at fixing things usually go something like this:
1. Item breaks while Kelly is using it.
2. Kelly attempts to force item back to a usable state, with little or no respect for how item is put together. This usually involves smacking, hitting, shaking, and noises like, “AAAAGGGGHHH!”.
3. Kelly sees the error of her ways and how she has been blinded by rage. Attempts to fix item with respect for how it works this time.
4. David arrives home and sees giant broken mess. David’s eyes roll back in his head.
5. David comes to the rescue by either (a) fixing item or (b) declaring that we need a new one, but — by the way — I probably could have fixed this one if you could have just waited for me.

By the way, the combination of Lego men, dried pinto beans, and cheap carpet lint is what hung it up. It’s not easy being our vacuum, but this one has lasted for about five years now.

5 Responses to “Mrs. Fix-It”

  1. Rebecca

    Please help me out here…we buy a new vacuum pretty much once a year. I don’t know what our problem is (maybe buying cheap ones?), but we need to solve this mad spending spree before we have kids! What vacuum has lasted you guys FIVE years?


  2. Scotty and Lisa

    That pretty much sounds like my fixing attempts- except maybe a little quicker to give up and let Scotty try his manly skills- he so much likes to fix things and I get a kick out of giving him the chance to be a hero. 🙂


  3. GrandmaK

    For me it was always the alien sock that I somehow managed to pick up or the belt that slipped and the smell of burning rubber was always a treat!!! Good for you! Cathy


  4. Kelly

    Becky, ours is a Eureka “Boss.” It’s a 12-amp, if that is interesting to you.I think we paid in the ballpark of $150-200 at Costco for it.I am as surprised as you are that it has lasted that long, believe me! The carpet in this house shed so much when we first got here, I thought for sure it was done for.


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