Here’s Your Chance.

So, knowing that we have the whole wide world open to us when it comes to girls’ names, what ones do you like?

Now’s your chance to offer an opinion. When she’s here, it’s all over.

A few guidelines…
1. We tend to prefer traditional names, rather than trendy ones.

2. We tend to prefer entire names, rather than nicknames…we do not object to calling our kids nicknames, but their given names should be whole ones. i.e., Elizabeth instead of Libby, Margaret instead of Maggie or Meg, etc.

3. We’re not hardcore about meanings. After a few years of teaching, I learned that kids’ names tend to mean who that person is, instead of what their names mean. It is for this reason that I refused certain boys’ names associated with students who were …let’s say… a “challenge” in my classroom.
So Cam’s name means “unique,” but it can also mean “crooked nose.” This doesn’t bother me that much, since to me Cameron means conscientious, intelligent, inquisitive, a little uptight, and all the other things that make up our Cameron.

Extra points for incorporating an Austen character or a theologian’s name.

19 Responses to “Here’s Your Chance.”

  1. Friend of Cirdan

    So am I to understand you’re not going with Violet Tulip?Gotta get in a Theologian suggestion:Athanasia KellerYou’ll note I feminized the name; this shows I’m taking this seriously :PMy real suggestion:Kiersten KellerReasons: I like the name; it follows your already established K-K pattern; it has affinity with your first’s first name and as your presumed last, it makes a nice circle.


  2. Joy

    Kiersten has a nice Scandinavian ring to it—also spelled Kjersten.Naming kids has always been agonizing for us. If it weren’t for the Gideon Bible in the hospital bedside table, Peter may not have a name!


  3. cascadingwaters

    I was going to suggest Emily, and then I read in Parade that it’s the most popular girls name for like five years running, so maybe not.I’ve always been partial to Elizabeth and Margaret (Mara and Aisling’s middle names, respectively), both of whom are Austen characters (ah, yes! Can you name the Margaret?)If you named her Georgiana, I’m sure you could find a nice “George” theologian to match her up with. Or you could go straight for Jane!


  4. Anonymous

    wow! WE GET TO NAME A BABY!!!This is a great idea, I love naming babies. I like Louisa or Annie Rose (I know it is a nickname but I love the sound of Annie) I do like Jane but it has one sylable and the boys all have multiple syllabic names. Alice is pretty and this is a name I never liked until one of the babies in church was named Alice and she is such a pretty and winsome TEENAGER!!! this is probably why my “daughter-in-law” never asked for input. I can read those baby name books page for page. Also Aileen means Light Bearer so if the little one comes at 5 in the a.m. it works/ed


  5. Sarah

    I love you description of meanings and why they don’t matter to you. All of my kids names are family names except Carter’s second middle name “Hutch” (I am sure you know who that came from) This means more to be than what a book tells me it means. Anywho… I love Lucille (Lucy), Jane and Pearl very old but pretty and simple. Kevin really doesn’t like any of these so you can have them!


  6. Kelly

    Whoops, Tom, you reminded me of one more request…they should be fairly easy to spell…. Aren’t the Shanks naming their daughter Athanasia? ;-)Joy, glad we’re not the only ones who take a while to decide.Tracy, Ben suggested Emily just this morning. Whenever the boys suggest something they think if I respond with, “oh, that’s a nice name,” then it’s decided and we have a verdict. And Margaret is the little-mentioned third sister in S&S, am I right?Cathie, no promises that we will actually use any of these names, OK? Just giving everyone a chance to chime in here….Sarah, hutch might as well be family πŸ™‚ Love that you used his name.Thanks everyone, keep them coming!


  7. michelle

    Elizabeth Jane, then you have two great Austen heroins! And the two best Bennetts! πŸ™‚


  8. Melissa Winchell

    I’m partial to girls’ names that end in the “uh” sound…as in Marisa, Melissa (of course), Carissa, Sarah, Rebekah, Virginia, Deborah…also consider biblical names to which you could the -a to–Rutha, or Phoebea. Just kidding about those last 2.


  9. Kelly

    Austen names not up for consideration:HarrietLydiaFanny (as in Dashwood)LouisaHenriettaThe Dowager Viscountess DalrympleI had a female friend in high school named Darcy….There is both a Hannah and a Mary in more than one novel.


  10. Nicole

    I like:Jane MargaretRuthElizabeth or ElisabethCarolineKathrynI’ll keep thinking… πŸ™‚


  11. cascadingwaters

    Who, me? Not ask for input? After we told you that the first grandchild was “Seamus” whatever its sex? And the second one was “Thor”??Yep, you’ve got it on Margaret! I always hoped she eventually took after Eleanor more.(are you thinking Eleanor? I have days when I like it and days when I don’t. There’s an Ellie that’s a sister of Aisling’s friend.)Cathie’s just saying “Mary” because that’s what they all baptized their mission babies as!Anne gives you that with or without an “E” problem. And you’d be picking a grandmother, which is dicey. And I guess you can’t do “Catherine” (after Lady Catherine, of course!) for the same reason. How ’bout “Clivetta”? “Staplesess”?(C.S.Lewis)


  12. Rebecca Preskenis

    Girls names are so easy for me.. There so many a like…I wanted to name Moriah, Makenzie or Madison. Bill said NO to both. Hannah Sue Keller sounds great!!


  13. GrandmaK

    Well, here goes…Patricia (St Patrick), Monica (mother of St. Augustine), Ann (of Green Gables)or indeed, Mary is a “grand old name.” Twas fun!! CathyK


  14. Mom Kerr

    I am just a bit partial to:Melissa NoelleRebecca MichelleVirginia JanelleDeborah Daniellesmiles! Okay so that’s already been done…hhmmmI’m so excited you are having a girl! You’ll love it!


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