Sugary Drinks

Yesterday I had my glucose test. If you’ve never been pregnant, this means that you get to drink a bottle of a substance that tastes like Hawaiian Punch soda with too little soda water mixed in. It’s like syrup, and you MUST DRINK IT IN UNDER FIVE MINUTES. No sipping allowed.

And then, if that weren’t enough, you cannot drink or eat anything else until over an hour later, when a nice lady takes two vials of blood out of your arm. In between these two events, you must drive calmly to your doctor’s office while loads of sugar course through your veins and your mouth tastes like sugary cotton (not cotton candy. Sugary cotton.).

If you pass the test…congratulations! You probably won’t have gestational diabetes in your third trimester.

So, today, just to keep the trend going, I’m going to go get my free iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. Because the glucose test would be so much more exciting if they mixed a little caffeine in that bottle.

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  1. Josh and Dana

    Yuck! Not looking forward to that (despite my insane ability to tolerate excessive sugar). So where is a Dunkins??? I’ve been wanting to take them up on that offer too. Oh, don’t forget to pick up your free chicken sandwich (with purchase of med drink) at McDonalds today…you’ll probably need the protein!


  2. Kelly

    I think I’m going to go to the one on Mallard Creek…it’s right at the Mallard Creek/Mallard Creek Church intersection, in the same building with Baskin-Robbins.Sadly, I found out about free coffee day when we were there for 31-cent scoop night. These establishments are not making much money off of me.


  3. Joy

    That drink is my least favorite thing of the entire “process”. And that’s where my strong will rears it’s ever-present head: “Do you think you’re going to MAKE me drink that? And by the way, I’m not in the habit of guzzling things.”



    Good luck with your pregnancy!!! Yes, I remember that test well – and telling the lab that they, absolutely, had to get me in on time for the test!!! Good luck!!!


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