Someday I Will Think This Is Funny.

But that day is not today.

Not on a day when the other child (besides the three who made this mess) took an hour to do a math assignment that usually takes him twenty minutes.

Not on a day when I started off by doing a kick test because I hadn’t felt the baby move in too long (she passed the kick test with flying colors, BTW).

Not on a day when I have more laundry to finish, more floors to clean, more messes to clean up.

Not on a day when my workout was going to be that blessed quiet 45 minutes at the YMCA, swimming. But that’s not happening now (see above pictures for reason why).

It’s now one o’clock, and no one has eaten lunch….

(the fact that I was able to regain my composure enough to take the pictures is God’s grace, right?)

9 Responses to “Someday I Will Think This Is Funny.”

  1. Joy

    At least the mess happened IN the TUB. Did the dirt come from a plant or a dirty child?


  2. Kelly

    A plant.I had told them to clean up some random toys left in the bathroom and bedroom, and I heard the banging (which I now know was the toys landing in the tub) and thought nothing of it.Then I think Jonathan stepped in and knocked the plant in.Then, I think, Andrew and Ben panicked with the dirt’s appearance, and turned on the faucet to try to clean it up.But the drain was closed, making the whole thing a disgusting kind of soil-toy stew with a two year old standing in it.


  3. Shawnda

    oh dear!!! I have experienced some days like that recently!! I could have made lists about like yours! ; )Thankful for the grace you had to take the pics! ; ) And VERY thankful that baby girl passed her “kick test”, which I’ve never heard of…did you have to go to the Dr’s office for that??


  4. Anonymous

    “Boys will be boys”…. and yet, in those moments when their mother is tired, concerned for her littlest one’s wellbeing and needing a little respite from the madness, is it too much to ask that for a few fleeting moment they might be responsible gentlemen (in training)? :)YES, Kelly, the picture and your willingness to share speak volumes to the grace of God!Re: kick test – did more than one of those myself – they always passed, and in fact the mellowness in utero was a sign of blessed contentedness in the midst of chaos after she was born – it was a GOOD thing! rs xoxo


  5. Kelly

    Kick tests are when you drink 6-8 ounces of juice and then lay down on your left side for a half hour and count kicks. It’s a good way to jumpstart a sleepy baby. 🙂


  6. Melanie

    I would have been a mass of tears. Oh, how God will continue to grant us His divine patience!Glad to hear that V.P. passed her kick test. I had done many of those with the E-man.


  7. GrandmaK

    Would drop everything to help but darned if I’m not too far away to be of any use to you! DRAT!! CAthy


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