The Irony is Palpable

Yesterday I updated my Facebook status and said, “Kelly is hoping that today will be less chaotic than yesterday.”

As I typed the last few letters — CRASH! A plate held by an eager helper plummeted to the floor, and though it was made of Corelle…it smashed into a million pieces.

But for the most part, yesterday was a peaceful one. The boys and I worked on their room, setting things aright sorting toys. It still amazes me how when everything is put away, the play becomes so much more “productive.” Immediately after we finished, each boy set himself to a specific play “task”…one building a marble track, one reading, etc. It seems when the clutter is gone, they can think clearly again.

David and I are the same way, we decided (as we strolled through the streets of Uptown Charlotte on a peaceful summer evening date thanks to our wonderful babysitters). I can’t start cooking until the counters are clean(er). He thinks better at work with a clear workspace.

So I’m off to continue clearing spaces, clearing heads…it’s a constant battle but it’s better for all of us.

2 thoughts on “The Irony is Palpable

  1. You know, they CLAIM it’s impossible to break Corelle, but I will tell you that this is not true. At all.I think I broke most of set before I gave up and went to stoneware. (from the Salvation Army)


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