Nascar Nation, We Salute Thee

I missed it, but this is a short bus with drivers’ numbers in the windows
These lights pop up at every intersection for miles

RVs everywhere

Had to get a picture of the Toyota sign for the in-laws

What pregnant women take pictures of when they’re supposed to be documenting race week
(a coffee caramel milkshake sounds good, don’t you think?!)

4 Responses to “Nascar Nation, We Salute Thee”

  1. michelle

    Did you catch a glimpse of Lightening McQuee?? πŸ™‚ That would be a huge hit around here!


  2. Kelly

    I think the lights are there for the general safety of people in the road, whether they be policemen directing traffic or pedestrians. We saw a news report last weekend with a reporter live outside the all-star challenge, and the people walking by him weren’t exactly in their right minds…the combination of exhaust fumes, too much sun, and overpriced beer, I think.Michelle, Lightning was here when the movie had its world premiere at the speedway. We could have gone, but ended up opting out at the last minute. That turned out to be a good thing, since the actual showing of the movie did not start until 10, and it started raining during the showing.Sadly, he is not here this year 😦


  3. GrandmaK

    And the in-laws thank you…We’re staying home this year, so will miss the “speedway” sounds at the INDY Kellers, too. Good weekend to you!!!Cathy


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