A Public Service Announcement — update

My phone isn’t working. The inside screen is all white.

So if you call me, I will happily pick up the phone. However, I cannot call you because like many, I have almost no one’s number memorized. And I am afraid I will type something in wrong and not know it, and wind up bothering a stranger.

I do, however, know the number for 911. So if you are a crazy person thinking about coming to my house and attacking me and thinking you will get away free, think again.

The white screen is a vast improvement over the phone’s first malady, which was constant vibration. On Monday afternoon and evening, if the phone was on, it was vibrating. As if I don’t have enough things in my life to make me slightly batty.

So we’re off to the Verizon phone hospital.

We arrived at said Verizon phone hospital to discover two things:

  • a. Said Verizon phone hospital no longer resides in the same location.
  • b. My phone had been miraculously healed.

So there I was, outside an empty storefront with a phone that was working. Confusion inevitably followed.

7 Responses to “A Public Service Announcement — update”

  1. Kelly

    You know, that would have been an appropriate reaction (for someone who is less than my current size and shape), maybe.But for some reason, I just couldn’t get past the confused feeling. What am I doing here? Where is the store? Why did I come here? Why did my phone break for three days and then…WAIT a second…for three days…and then it came back to life…


  2. Nicole

    Same thing happened to me, only mine didn’t come back to life (so to speak). I had to call Verizon and find out where the store went. (It’s off Tryon, by the way…across from Ham’s). I asked why they hadn’t put a sign or something. I was told they did and the owner of the old building kept taking it down…


  3. Sarah

    This just happened to my friend… after a few random calls from her when she was trying to call someone else she got a new one… funny!


  4. Shawnda

    glad you are back! 😉 That’s pretty funny! My old phone erased my phone book FOUR times – it was SO frustrating!!! But it was SO strange. It was working totally normal each time. I went to the phone book to call somebody, and the phone did something strange, and then it said phone book empty…WHAT??!!!! That’s never a good thing! : ) Because like you….I know my husband’s number and 911….that’s about it! : )


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