Time for Daddy to Come Home

David’s been on another business trip all week. He left Monday afternoon and returns tonight.

All in all, it’s been a very smooth week. But this morning I realized that it was time for the week to END.

Before 7:30, Andrew had opened the exterior door while the alarm was still armed. I could not hear the cries for help, since I was in the shower at the time. After 45 seconds of plaintive beeping, the alarm goes into END OF THE WORLD DEAFENING SIREN mode. This, in turn, sends Cameron into a fit of terrified screaming, “MOM! MOOOOOOOMMMM!!”. He thought I was outside in the garden, so he ran outside screaming. That noise, coupled with the siren, no doubt made for a lovely morning song for our neighbors.

For the record, I did hear the siren as soon as it went off, wrapped myself up, and ran down the hallway dripping wet to turn it off. It took more yelling (this time from Ben) to get Cameron back in the house.

Then I went off to get dressed, sending the children who were not traumatized and who were dressed to empty the dishwasher. This is an every-morning chore for them. About five minutes later, I heard a telltale crash from the kitchen and automatically yelled downstairs, “If you have bare feet, get out of the kitchen!!”. Sure enough, one of my small glass storage containers was broken. No harm to anybody, though…and the dish only cost $1.95 at Crate and Barrel, so no biggie.

At 9:30 we were scheduled to meet friends at a nearby park. At 9:15, after everyone was in their carseats and I was closing up the house, Jonathan came back inside with mustard all over himself. I guess we didn’t throw away every piece of trash from our Sonic run the other night, and the mustard packet added a nice touch to his clothes, hair, and carseat.

Since then, it’s been relatively calm, but it’s still another four hours ’til David touches down in Charlotte. Anyone want to guess what might still await me?

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