Why I’m Off the Map This Week

There’s some introduction to potty training going on over here…wild fun involving spider man underwear, M&Ms, and much laundry.

But it doesn’t allow for much time to wax poetic. So go rent Bella if you haven’t already, and I’ll be back soon.

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Off the Map This Week

  1. We’re going to be boarding the PT train sometime in the next few months. Mal’s showing signs of interest, but I’m not! I mean, I’m interested but I don’t want the extra work. Gosh, that makes me sound petty, but it’s unfortunately true!!! There’s too many other messes to clean up around here.


  2. Oh, and by the way, Kelly, I never commented on the potential girl name for VT. I was thinking “Darcy”, which is a great Austen name, but it means “Dark” or “From Arcy”, neither of which really mean anything. So other than that, I’m at a loss…I can’t wait to hear what you all picked out, though. 🙂


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