Behold! Summer Cometh!

Summer in the southeast does not creep in on little cat feet.

It lumbers in when you’re not looking, and then SMACK! You’re hit. You’re down. You’re walking outside at 9 AM and thinking, “Wow, I don’t remember being this moist and warm inside the house. Did someone install a hot misting shower outside my front door?”.

And then you look at the weather forecast for the weekend and it includes temperatures with three digits in it.

6 Responses to “Behold! Summer Cometh!”

  1. michelle

    I think I’m the only one in the world who wishes it were that warm right now. We’re stuck in rainy April here in Seattle.


  2. Rebecca

    You’re right, Kelly Sue, it does suddenly come upon you! And here in the old Camden rowhouses there’s no such thing as “central air”…uggghhhh! I need to find the coldest place on earth and settle there, I’d be so happy! Maybe Seattle!?!


  3. cascadingwaters

    Even here in mild Massachusetts, it’s been in the 90’s. We might have a heat warning of 105 by Tuesday (something to do with the humidity).I’d recommend trees, Becki. It works here in Worcester, where our trees keep us about 10 degrees cooler than the street.


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