Yes, It’s Hot

(forgive me, but I’m rather pregnant and it’s summer. I’m afraid you may have many, many weather-related posts to look forward to.)

David just called me from work.

David: I’m going for a run right now. If, in the next hour, I call you and either can’t talk or hang up, and then you call me back and get no response, then call 911 and tell them to head for the greenway.

Kelly (unalarmed): OK. What are you wearing, so I can help the ambulance drivers to identify you?

3 Responses to “Yes, It’s Hot”

  1. Joy

    It’s a great day for a run. You know, the more you sweat, the more toxins your body gets rid of (so I’ve heard).


  2. Rebecca

    Is he crazy?!? Don’t you people know that the number one reason NOT to exercise is heat? It’s a great excuse, try it out with me! “It’s too hot to run, it’s too hot to run…”Kelly…I was thinking of you last night when I said to my hubby, “can you even imagine being pregnant in this heat?”. Hang in there!


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