Because All Those Numbers Mean Something…

I’ve finally given in and admitted that my camera’s “auto” setting is only good outside in full daylight. And even then, it’s only good some of the time. So I’ve determined to use the camera to its full potential and actually learn how to use it…we did spend some money on it, after all….

Here are some attempts at getting better. Ha HA. I have a long way to go.

See anyone hiding here?
Bearded Irises in my front yard.
“Please give me a haircut”

Catching the rain

Waiting out the rain

Stop playing with the camera, I’m getting sick
Now for goodness’ sake, go look at some of my talented friends’ photographs to clear your head. Try to forget you ever saw the ones above.

Jason Kovacs
Melanie Moss
Cheston Hervey

3 Responses to “Because All Those Numbers Mean Something…”

  1. Laura

    I think your photos are really neat, Kelly!I hope you are having a great summer.Laura


  2. Melanie

    Ooooo, thanks for the linkage.And congrats on taking the plunge in learning more about the camera. Don’t get intimidated, which is easy to do! Who knew one of those little things can have so many options! 🙂 Happy Snapping.


  3. GrandmaK

    I personally liked the iris…it really is beautiful! Pretty good pictures I thought! Cathy


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