Fathers’ Day at the Biltmore Estate

On Sunday we (my parents and us) made the drive out to Asheville to spend Father’s day at the Biltmore estate. The Deerpark Restaurant had a wonderful brunch buffet with all sorts of “man food.” I was a little embarrassed the second time I filled my plate, since I looked down and the only thing that was not a piece of meat was a piece of Bananas Foster french toast.

Well, the baby needs protein, don’t you know? And my first plateful consisted of salad.

Before we left, my dad and David opened their gifts.

One of Dad’s gifts was Tony Dungy’s biography, which I haven’t read but I have heard good things.

David received two selections: Manhunt, which I keep reading raves about; and Triumph, which was recommended by C.J. Mahaney. History plus sports is usually a winning combination with my husband. We’re also considering a bicycle purchase as part of his father’s day gift.

After we ate lunch at the Biltmore, we split up. Mom and Dad went to tour the house, and we headed over to the horse barn, where they have room for kids to play. Just as we arrived, a butter-churning demo was starting, so the boys took turns cranking the handle.

There were also games to play. I sat in a rocking chair in the shade and took pictures.

(no, he isn’t sunburned; his face gets really red when he’s hot)

These are not my children. They were cute little girls who had found the dress-up trunk.

Then, after picking up Pop and Gramma, we watched a sheep get sheared down at the farmyard.

And we took turns brushing a goat.

We finished the day off with some ice cream.

All in all, a great day!

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  1. Erica

    great pics! Thanks for posting so loyally on my blog. . . i appreciate all the comments!! and, one more thing, i need your address. the computer stealing has removed it from my files. THANKS!


  2. Scotty and Lisa

    I know you wish you could wear the sweater-but how cute are you in your tank top and baby belly! 🙂 I’ll have to remember this fun location when we’re back with kids…


  3. cascadingwaters

    We’ll see if we can get you similar bonneted children pictures of children you’re related to this summer.(sundresses first, though!)And this reminds me..I promised my crew we’d make butter this summer.


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