Last Friday David took the day off and we went to the zoo in Asheboro. This destination has been on our “to-visit” list since we moved here three and a half years ago! The Santa Barbara zoo was a favorite of ours in California, so I was experiencing much guilt for not making it to Asheboro before now.

We started off the day with breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then headed out. The weather was really nice for non-pregnant people: low- to mid-eighties and not very humid.

Here are pictures of some of what we saw:

Elephants were first on my list

Sleepy Polar Bear

Harbor Seals and Sea Lions

Zebras and Ostriches

Daddy and the boys
(they were not part of an exhibit)

It was, as everyone says, a lot of walking. The animals are in very large enclosures, so it makes for a long walk. But the paths are shady and we made good use of the free shuttles the zoo offers.

This was a great use of our membership to the Western North Carolina Nature Center…we got in for free!

5 Responses to “Zoo!”

  1. Joy

    This is where we went for Father’s day, but we forgot our camera! It was HOT and we only saw half of the exhibits. But….since it was free with our WNCNC membership, we’ll go back for the other half sometime.And a funny note…we spent our time in the “Africa” portion of the zoo. Near the end, I realized that Alex thought we were REALLY IN AFRICA and that’s why it was so hot!


  2. Shawnda

    That’s been on our to visit list too! Was it worth the visit? I wasn’t sure what kind of zoo it was (good or great or …ok) : )


  3. Kelly

    I’d say it’s somewhere between good and great. Definitely better than OK. And I think without the membership, it would have cost in the neighborhood of $45, which I thought wasn’t that bad.In my mind it’s competing with a zoo that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, so it’s a little unfair. 🙂


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