There’s no Such Thing as Free Lemonade

Tuesday evening, Cameron became suddenly determined to set up a lemonade stand he’s been plotting. He thought it would be best to not have a set price for the lemonade, but instead to allow people to pay what they thought they could afford. Here’s the catch: his sign said “FREE.”

(and in very small letters, “Drinqks for Any cinde of coin.” [“Drinks for any kind of coin.”])

Please note the Sears Catalog pose that Ben has struck. Doesn’t it make the lemonade look yummy?

Their total earnings were somewhere between two and three dollars, which they took to VBS this week for the missionary offering.

And Mom and Dad were the only ones who accused Cameron of false advertising!

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  1. Anonymous

    Huurah for Cameron.A benevolent entrepreneur !!He clearly understands Paul’s lesson about the Macedonian offering. Give in the midst of plenty. For when your turn of being without comes, you may be supported by those you previously supported.Pop


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