I Am So Proud

David is now regularly riding a bike to work! It takes him about twenty-five minutes each way, and eliminates his need for a noontime workout.

Thanks to all of you who helped out with the bike-purchasing decision; we bought a hybrid at Dick’s two weeks ago. It’s HUGE! Sometimes I don’t realize how tall my husband is until we get him things that actually fit him.

Oh, and he’s already figured out that we’re saving about $2.00 a day in gasoline.

4 thoughts on “I Am So Proud

  1. It certainly must be in the genes as his dad rode his bicycle to work round trip twice a day when we lived in Bicknell (he came home for lunch). The neighborhood joke was whether or not Ron would get snow tires with or without studs for the winter. Ron also rode a bike to and from work while we were in the Army…He was called the Biking Lieutenant. Proud of you, son!!! Mom/Cathy


  2. Yay, David!It’s so cool that there’s a bike path that you can take partway. It beats, say, going down Chandler Street with rush hour traffic.Good for you!


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