Pregnancy Update

Not much has been going on in this department that’s notable…just growing, growing, growing. The doctor tells me that I am just the right size for a woman of 34 weeks’ gestation (1 cm per week, did you know that?), no matter how house-like I feel or how many questioning looks I get when I say I have about six weeks to go. My official due date is August 12th.

Here’s a tip: please don’t ever, ever say to a pregnant woman, “are you sure you’ve only got one in there?!”. That might have been a funny thing to think about before the days of regular sonography, but nowadays it may get you punched in the face depending on said pregnant woman’s mood.

A few women have told me that I’ve “dropped,” which cannot be true. I still can’t take a deep breath when I lie down, so I think that means that baby is still pretty high 🙂

Next doctor’s visit is in two weeks’ time…

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