How the Internet Makes My Life as a Homeschooling Mother Embarassingly Easy: Making Copies at the Copy Machine

(wow, that’s a wordy title, isn’t it?!)

I’ve been rolling this post around in my head for a few months now, but yesterday was just one more example of how this lovely technology has made my life very easy.

One of the areas of our study through Ambleside Online is picture study/artist study. The admins of AO choose an artist for each term, and suggest certain prints of special note for students to study. This term’s artist is Sandro Botticelli.

I belong to the yahoo group called “AO Art Prints,” which is run by a lady who posts pdf files of each chosen print. I receive an email when she posts them. At my convenience, I go to the “files” section of the yahoo group and download the files, which are public domain so there’s no tricky copyright stuff happening.

Now, here’s where it gets VERY EXCITING. I go to the Fedex/Kinko’s website and choose “online services.” I pick “print to a FedEx store” and upload the files to them. I pick the kind of paper I want, whether I want it bound (I hang these in our schoolroom, so I keep them loose), and other options. Then I tell them the store where I’d like to pick them up, and when. I enter my educator’s code for a discount, pay with my credit card, and get a receipt in my inbox.

So for five to ten minutes’ worth of effort on the computer, and about ten dollars, I was able to pick up ten finished high-quality prints on nice paper last night at my local FedEx store.

3 Responses to “How the Internet Makes My Life as a Homeschooling Mother Embarassingly Easy: Making Copies at the Copy Machine”

  1. Joy

    Hmmm…I see they finally finalized the artists for next year. They changed it, too! They used to have term 1 as Hals and Steen and term 2 as Goya.By the way, what size did you make your prints?


  2. Kelly

    See, Joy, that’s what you get for being responsible and looking ahead: misinformation. ;-)I put them on 8 1/2×11 paper, and then slide them into your favorite office supply and mine: page protectors! Then we can pass them around, and after we’re done with them, I put them in a binder with our other old ones. But I keep them hanging up for the whole term.


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