Scene: Mom sitting on the floor in front of the couch, typing on the laptop, which is on the coffee table. Jonathan and Andrew begin curiously exploring Mom’s hair.

Jonathan: MOM! There are yours EARS!

(does he think they’re not there if my hair is covering them?)

Andrew and Jonathan make their way onto the couch behind Mom and begin a head/hair massage with their (hopefully somewhat clean) feet.

Andrew: Mom! You are washing our feet with your hair, just like in the Bible!

Something tells me it was a little different than Jesus kicking the woman in the head….

3 Responses to “Overheard”

  1. Joy

    You know you’re doing something right when you see the boys moving to the “life application” stage so easily.


  2. The Nature Of Reading

    boys can say the darnest things! one of my sons told me that (back when my hair was short) my short hair made me look like a boy and maybe I should use more of those things for my face on the commercials. yeah, it’s ok, i know he loves me! It was nice talking to you tonight! I love your blog!


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