How the Internet Makes My Life as a Homeschooling Mother Embarassingly Easy: Book Buying

Not only do I belong to the Art Prints group I discussed on this post, I also belong to a great many other yahoo groups. Some local, some not-so-local. I’ve never actually posted on one of these groups, because whenever I have a question, I search first to see if someone else has ever had the same question. More often than not, someone has.

This has most recently benefited me with book buying for the upcoming year. Ambleside Online has so many wonderful book choices for their main curriculum as well as extra reading, that I feel like it’s Christmas when I start tracking down books. One of the ones I was most excited about buying this year was The Wind in the Willows. Believe it or not, we don’t yet have a copy of this book…just the audio CDs…and there are so many different versions! So I went to one of my yahoo groups and searched for recommendations. This is a selection where the quality is really important to me…it’s a keepsake type of book, so I wanted one with beautiful illustrations, too.

I came across recommendations for this version, and I liked what I saw enough to order it. I was so excited when it came! I love it.

There are yahoo groups for everything (good and bad)! If you are a current or future homeschool mom, take advantage of the good ones.

3 Responses to “How the Internet Makes My Life as a Homeschooling Mother Embarassingly Easy: Book Buying”

  1. erin

    and how does one know exactly if she is a future homeschool mom? do you have any prophesy for me, kelly?


  2. Kelly

    For fear of being stoned as a false prophet, I will refrain from making any statements about your future, Erin.I will say, however, that in order to be a homeschool mom, you would do well to have two things:1. a husband2. a childSo…yeah. Maybe think about those things first ;-)Have fun at swimming lessons, Tracy!


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