"Home-schoolers threaten our cultural comfort"

An interesting opinion piece from a man who doesn’t homeschool.

P.S. This came across on one of those yahoo groups I was telling you about.

3 thoughts on “"Home-schoolers threaten our cultural comfort"

  1. I still never understand how those women get all their kids to behave so well at Mass.Oh, wait! He meant me??I’d better get better at braiding my daughters’ hair then!(Good find. He’s right. Good metaphor on the seed corn.)


  2. Just a clarification…I do not perceive myself at that woman! My children are sometimes well-behaved at the store. Sometimes they are not. The percentages are the same as any other kids, I would think.And I:-don’t own a denim jumper-try to dress somewhat fashionably (when I’m not wearing maternity clothes)-have a boring shopping list, but eating here is not boring


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