Preparing for Baby…the Epic Trip to Target

This morning we headed out to our local Target to plug some money into the economy. After all, we do have a baby coming in around a month. It might be nice if I had, say, diapers for her. Or baby powder. Or some crib sheets that aren’t (a) threadbare or (b) BLUE or (c) all of the above (can I just say I think I have EVERY SHADE of blue crib sheet in my linen closet upstairs? They don’t exactly go with the new bedding). I received a gift card recently from a friend, so I tucked it into my purse with my rapidly-growing list.

I also had some boys who have recently been bitten by the “Buy Stuff With My Own Money” bug. They’ve been harassing me lately to take them to that wonderland, the Target toy section. One child brought $10.00. The other three children brought $.50 each. I could see this might pose a problem with contentment down the road, but after having to unscrew their piggy banks to get the money out, I didn’t have time to argue.

I think I answered the “what is it this time” question about four times, which didn’t feel like very much. One man said, “I hope it’s a girl this time.” One lady, who was walking behind me, passed me on the left side and said as she passed, “I guess you didn’t get your girl, huh?”. For a split second I allowed myself the thought that maybe I don’t resemble the side of a barn from behind. I answered her, “I did get my girl…she’ll be here in a month or so.” And she nicely offered her congratulations.

We stopped in household, health and beauty, the pharmacy, the diaper section, the baby section, the office section, and the laundry/organizing section. I must say that the children were very patient awaiting their grand arrival in the toy aisle.

“Speed Racer” intrigues Cameron greatly even though we never took him to see the movie, so after passing over the Star Wars toys and the Transformers, he selected a racecar that — oh joy — makes racing sounds and has at least seven different sayings from the movie. AND IT HAS NO ON/OFF SWITCH.

But it’s his money, right? So Mom kept her mouth shut. It was actually pretty interesting to me to watch him ponder the right thing to buy.

After I had dragged the boys around a little more (with apologies to my male readers — LADIES, did you know that TARGET carries nursing bras??!?! This was a very exciting discovery to me since I couldn’t bear the thought of going into that maternity store one. more. time.), we approached the place where everyone else was going to spend their fortune on candy. Well, at least two quarters each.

Sadly, I learned that there’s not much you can get at the checkout candy shelves for fifty cents. Everything is around a dollar, but of course I don’t know this, because the only time I buy candy is when it’s been a horrible trip to Target and I reward myself with a snickers I hide behind everything else on the conveyor belt so the kids don’t see it. And then my attitude is pretty much, “Candy? What candy? Pleasedon’tdiscussthecandy.”

Fortunately, Target seems to be running a “special” on peanut butter M&M’s right now, so they were only around fifty cents. At this moment Ben learned an important lesson.


  • (a) the M&Ms — which are not yet yours, by the way — will fly all over the checkout aisle and
  • (b) you will have to pay full price for a bag of M&Ms which is only half full and
  • (c) Mom will step on one, resulting in peanut butter chocolate mush on the bottom of her sandal.

While I was trying to clean off my shoe, I looked up just in time to see Cameron thrust “SpeedRacer” and two crumpled five-dollar-bills at the cashier lady. He was waiting for no one. That toy was his. The cashier was clever enough to see the slow train of boys-with-candy-and-money, and she hung onto the change from Cameron’s purchase, which helped since Andrew’s ring pop actually cost $.62.

Is it any wonder that I forgot to use the gift card?

8 Responses to “Preparing for Baby…the Epic Trip to Target”

  1. cascadingwaters

    Yes, isn’t it great not to have to make a special trip to buy a nursing bra? As if they are somehow a normal thing that people need in an average day?Love the M&M imagery. And glad I’m not the only one sneaking illicit items onto the belt…”that? what’s that? what’s what?”


  2. Kelly from Almost Frugal

    I love Target nursing bras- they’re the best, and cheap too, compared to the specialty places. When I was last back in the US I bought three, in different colors but the same brand. Two are holding up impressively well, but the third has needed to have its underwire sewn back in twice. A word to the wise (and busy)!


  3. Andy and Laura

    I was laughing the entire time (loved the “you finally got your girl…as if boys arent good enough”) and then lost it at the last line! although there isnt great hope for me in the future…. i dont even have kids and i forget to use my giftcards ALL THE TIME!


  4. Scotty and Lisa

    I’m just impressed that you venture to Target on your own with 4 boys and actually have an agenda apart from theirs- that is amazing! I hope you found some good bedsheets. šŸ™‚


  5. Melanie

    Great post! My thoughts ditto the prior comments. But, I do have a question, on a serious note. So when did you start giving the children money? Mallory has no clue about the concept of money, but I was wondering when I should introduce it to her. Anyway, I hope you were able to cross some things off of your list. Isn’t it funny how quickly lists fill up? I mean, as soon as you think you’re making headway, you’re really not. *sigh*


  6. Kelly

    Mel, the money the our kids have is either from relatives (birthday gifts) or loose change that they find around the house or when we’re out. We haven’t started any kind of regular money routines yet, but I think the time is right about now, since Cam and Ben are showing an interest.


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