Girl Mommies…

OK, lay it on me…

  • Where should I buy tights? Which ones are a waste of money?
  • What kind of hairbows/clips are the best?
  • What do you always find yourself lacking for your daughter(s) (besides the obvious choices like more patience, more sleep, etc.)?

Anything else you want to enlighten me with?

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  1. cascadingwaters

    The Children’s Place has good tights. Also, if you can get hand-me-down LL Bean (those knit ones for winter), those are great. I’d wait to see what size she is by the time (what? October?) you need them, though. If she’s got long legs, like the rest of your crew, you could be looking at a bigger size already.I’d skip the ones at Target. I’d also treat them like nylons, if you can manage. They last longer.The plastic barrettes Mom used for you are good for babies (if you aren’t afraid she’ll eat them). After that, it will depend on her hair. Right now, we have at least four kinds of barrettes (and that’s something I never have enough of), because only some of them can be used in some kids’ hair.Lacy socks are cute for girls and we never have enough (at least on Sunday mornings).As soon as she has any hair to speak of, get spray hair detangler; it’s a wonderful invention, and it keeps me from shaving Mara’s head. (Can you tell I’m writing this on a Monday morning?)Dresses with matching shorts/leggings and skorts (which now are a full skirt with shorts underneath) both are popular in our house, and those can extend down to the youngest.I’ll keep thinking on this. “what are you always lacking” is a good way of thinking about the question.


  2. Nicole

    Anything WalMart is too big for my girls, but you’ve seen my girls…I second Children’s Place tights…thick cotton tights from Gymboree are nice (when you can find them on sale).Emma has REALLY fine hair, so finding bows and barrets that work for her was/is difficult. As her hair thickens, I’m able to put plastic barretts in. Allegator clip bows seem to work. I’ve also found some bows that work for the little bit of hair that Kate has…they are attached to the snap (not sure how else to describe them – all one piece) barretts. There is a place at Concord Mills that has great bows for both girls…you just let me know when you’re ready to go shopping!!!! Oh, I almost forgot…when Kate was tiny I made little ribbon bows and stuck them on with Karo syrup…worked like a charm!!When VP’s hair is longer, the tiny elastic bands (I started using the clear ones, but my mom found colored ones that I LOVE) work great for pony or pig tails. Any other kind fall out and are easily pulled out! :-PThat’s all I can think of…but I’ll keep thinking…


  3. cascadingwaters

    Nicole,Are those the metal clips that look sort of like a paper clip and flip to snap? Those are great! And they come in different sizes. The big ones are the only ones that will stay in Mara’s thick hair.And I second the rubber band thing: those, too, vary according to hair. We have an assortment of those, and I would stay away from Wal-Mart’s; someone gave us some and they don’t stretch, so you can pull them out far enough to make them tight. Miserable.Kel, do you want a pair of size 1 sandals for her? I have some I can send you if you think she’ll wear them.


  4. Kelly

    Oh, I just bought some of those teeny little snap clips. And — surprise, surprise, we lost one in between the living room and the baby’s room.Tracy, thank you, but I think I’ll take a pass on the sandals. I don’t usually put shoes on them right away, and by the time I do, sandals might not cut it.


  5. cascadingwaters

    That’s what I was thinking. No surprise, they are from the first child!Ah, the first of many barrettes to be lost! In the house, in the car, in your pockets…


  6. The Nature Of Reading

    I agree most things depend on the individual…chunky legs or long and slender? hair, no hair (my girl and boys had none until they are over 2). Girls are just such bundles of cuteness! My daughter and I were just out and found a couple of used cuties for you! we just couldn’t resist! All these boys around here, we get near baby girl clothes and drool!


  7. Jessica

    Some random thoughts from a new girl mommy with barely more girl mommy experience than you:Tights? They are all too big. Still. Because my daughter is “SO LITTLE”–apparently the tights makers agree. Hopefully she will chunk up a little more by the time the weather demands tights.Hairbows? I said I would hold off until she had enough hair to put one in. Still waiting, will let you know what works when the time comes.I have yet to find socks for Rachel that are the right size and will stay on. Carters makes some that say they are “wiggle proof”. This is not true–they remind me of my mother’s homemade “never fail” chocolate frosting. The one I burned out a hand mixer and a stick blender in a single batch on.The easiest warm weather attire I have found so far that also looks cute are the little sunsuits that look like a dress in front but are really onesies with a skirt/jumper front sewn on. Carters has them (usually on pretty good sale over at the Mills).


  8. Nicole

    Tracy ~ Yes! Those are the clips I’m talking about. They are great!!I have to agree with Michelle on the shoes issue, but so far with Kate I’ve held off. Her feet are just too little to keep any on (as a matter of fact we lost a pair of super cute sandals at church a few weeks ago). And speaking of socks, I still haven’t found any that will stay on either of my girls when they are little. Thank goodness Kate doesn’t need them right now.


  9. Joy

    I actually buy tights at Target (ahem…) and like them. I use a lot of small ponytail things (I don’t know what they’re called) for their long hair. The thing I find most lacking and hard to find is hefty shoes-for when they are old enough to run around. We’ve ended up with pretty shoes and sandals that are flimsy, hard to run in and don’t hold up.


  10. Kelly

    Thanks, ladies. Keep the suggestions coming!BTW, I have found that socks from BabyGap stay on pretty well. I guess technically they were boys’ socks, but they were white and they stayed on.And I am afraid, Jess, that if I wait to put a bow in her hair until she has enough hair to put it in…well, we’ll be two years down the road if she’s anything like her mother. Bald, bald, bald.


  11. michelle

    Tullie has super fine hair and Ellison’s is fine (but she is only 15 months) and curly! Which I’m still in shock about! ANYWAY, I’ve found that the ouchless small ponytail holders work best for us. You can get them at Target or a drugstore. A lot of times they’ll come in different sizes, which is convenient and fun colors. The itty bitty ones work well when they have little hair, but enough to put in a little spout on top of their heads! Too cute! I liked the Carters socks, they stayed on really well for Ellison. I had found some on a clearance table right before I had Ellison and she used them for a really long time. I do like the Children’s Place tights. However, I don’t always like their color selection. I bought some really cute stripped ones for the girls on sale, but I don’t like the hearts, and bright pink and “girly girly” ones. I do buy them at Target as well. Mostly because they don’t wear tights all the time, when they do it’s for a short period of time ie Sunday morning, and sometimes I just need the basic colors, and it’s super mild here that we don’t always have tights on. I have found great buys at Target clearance racks for clothes and Children’s Place has this insane sale twice a year that I usually try to make it to if I see that it’s going on. I got a winter coat for Tullie for $5 one year! Gotta run, we have a outdoor concert to go to!


  12. Anonymous

    Hi Kelly! Sonia (formerly Flores) Montenegro here:) Can’t stay long but I’ll be back later. I don’t know what they are called but the’re the only barettes that stay on Sophia. They are the ones that snap open and closed.


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