What’s Everyone Looking At?

The latest thing to make me laugh every time I walk in the kitchen:

Everyone is sitting so calmly. Clearly they are anticipating something great.

So, when do the fish come out?
(Don’t tell the Little People, but they will be arriving this afternoon.)

6 Responses to “What’s Everyone Looking At?”

  1. Erica

    Please know I am sitting in rural Kenya giggling at your little people. And it gives me great joy to be number one poster on this funny post.I sooooo appreciate your faithful comments! Can’t wait for that baby girl – so soon! The bedding looks great, the Target story gave me a chuckle, and I wish I could order myself a study Bible. BUT, do I really need ANOTHER Bible right now? Probably not. Anyway, your blog is fantastic. And it takes much less effort to read than to answer all of my emails. . . creative procrastination.I unfortunately don’t have that song you referred to . . . but when I get to civilization I’ll be sure to download it, if you recommend. šŸ™‚ New update to my blog – a CLOCK – and I would appreciate your grammatical guidance . . . was I correct in writing “said avocado” in the last paragraph? my compadre here says I’m wrong, and being that it’s 11:30 at night, there’s no other opinion available. I think I’m right. It’s for emphasis.Lots of love.e


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