Meet the Fish

I took 35 horrible pictures of fish this morning, and below you see the results. Keep in mind that these are the best ones. Please enjoy.

First, meet Albert. He is our algae eater and this is where he spends most of his days. I am amazed at how much cleaning he has already done, and I’m starting to wonder if they make a similar creature to clean houses.

These are the danios, named Daniel and Danielle (can you tell Mom named these?). I have no idea if they are boys or girls or one of each, and quite frankly I have no interest in finding out. Daniel chased Danielle for the first few days and we were worried that we had a bully on our hands, but now they spend about equal time chasing each other. This is the reason why they are nearly impossible to photograph.

We have three neons, named Casey, Willy, and Freddie. They amuse me. They are surprisingly codependent. I thought I had killed them when I finally netted them into the tank, because they got separated and two of them just sat still with a panicked expression and didn’t move for an hour or more. But then they found each other and they haven’t left each other since.

It has been fun for us, having pets. When we were leaving the pet store with the fish in hand, Cameron said (loudly), “It’s my VERY FIRST PET IN MY WHOLE LIFE!”. As soon as the fish arrived at home, the little people were cast aside and there were four live spectators camped out in front of the tank.

5 Responses to “Meet the Fish”

  1. Anonymous

    Aout the neon names…Many famous trios you might have considered.Larry, Moe, CurlyGroucho, Harpo and Cheeko, The Trinity (though I would avoid that one)What were the names of the Andrews sisters?Tinkers, Evers, Chance (ask David)Jack, Arnold and Tiger…more…?Pop


  2. cascadingwaters

    What are the three names for?The cousins were very interested and approve.You should know that our algae eaters have had a tendency to live forever. Years.


  3. Kelly

    Cameron says he picked the names because he wanted names that ended in “E” since the fish are NE-ons.AL-gae and AL-bert both have “al.”And we’ve already clarified the danios’ names…I just wanted to remember what they were called.


  4. Kelly

    Tracy, maybe if Albert lives that long, we can train him to clean the kitchen floor?


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