I am not sure where my brain was when I bought the fabric for the nursery bedding, because I had a TON left over. I guess I’d rather have some left than have to trek back out to the fabric store, though!

I took a good bit of the leftover fabric and made a new diaper bag:

Inside. Yep, it’s already packed. You can see the brown and white changing pad I made in this shot, too.

This took me a lot longer than I thought it would; it’s fully interfaced and lined, so there were a lot of repetetive steps. But I’m very happy with how it turned out.

12 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. That’s so cute Kelly!! I’ve been really wanting to find a cute diaper bag for myself since it’s something you’ll have on your person so often at the beginning. I’m really impressed you made your own and it turned out great!


  2. Oh wow, no, I could never do this as I went along, Beth! I love directions. I was actually thanking God for smart people who think ahead and order my sewing steps for me as I was making this!


  3. You continue to amaze me with these seemingly hidden talents! I was already impressed with the bedding and your post on that awhile back convinced me that I could NOT do that. I’ve actually been shopping for a diaper bag on Etsy and yours looks just as good as theirs. Way to go! Did you make your own stuff for all the boys?


  4. Absolutely beautiful, Kelly. All of the baby accessories you have created have been amazing. You should be very proud of yourself. I think your little girl is going to love them!


  5. wonderful job! I love handmade bags…. their uses never end. I still have handmade bags from high school that i have stuff tucked away is. Beautiful work! Just waiting to find out the sex of this little person before I make a new one.


  6. And you’ll be making these and selling to friends/family/the general public, when?? I can’t believe you did that…I would have been so frustrated with a detailed project like that! Note to others: Vera Bradley, though pricey, makes a GREAT diaper bag…fashionable, extremely practical, great size. Good idea to get it as a baby shower gift! However, the husband most likely will refuse to carry it around due to it’s overly-girlish prints, so buy him a man-bag.


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