Yeah, But You Should See the Other Guy

When I was growing up, we had our share of bumps and bruises, like any children. Whenever we had an obvious injury, my Dad would try to make us feel better by saying, “yeah, but you should see the other guy.” It was as though we had gotten in a fight every time we got hurt, and the role of the “other guy” was filled by the offending party, be it the rocking chair (my sister) or the stairs (me), or our gravel driveway (both of us). And “the other guy” was always reputed to be in worse shape than we were.

Well, there was a fight here last night…here’s one guy:

And here’s the other guy:

And here’s the accessory to the crime:

Jonathan came inside in the arms of his daddy with blood streaming down his face after dinner last night. Off they went to the ER, and within a few hours, he had five old-school stitches right in the middle of his forehead. I was kind of hoping for the glue they sometimes use on face injuries, but apparently the wound was too wide open for that to work. Fortunately, he showed no signs of a concussion.

According to David, the nurses lauded Jonathan’s performance during the stitching as the bravest they had ever seen from a two-year-old. This was no small thing, since apparently they put a young child in a restraint for stitches that sounds similar to a straitjacket. :-\

They came in the door around 10:15, and Jonathan was as happy as ever, wanting to show me what the nurses gave him: stickers, crayons, and a “math book” (this is what he calls coloring books, poor homeschool sibling that he is). Daddy had also taken him to Target on the way home to get a little prize for bravery; he picked out a knight on a horse. 🙂

We are thankful this morning, as all parents are in the wake of a potential tragedy. All the worst-case scenarios flash through your mind: what if it had been a concussion? A fractured skull? What if he had taken a blow to his eye or nose or mouth? A scar on his forehead seems minor compared to the alternatives.

And for now, the “other guy” is going in the golf bag until the next trip to the driving range. Learning in context is never a bad thing.

10 Responses to “Yeah, But You Should See the Other Guy”

  1. Kelly

    By the way, I should add that this was an accident…it’s not like Andrew got mad and clobbered him.


  2. Melanie

    Wow…what a night! I’m sure you had a couple of heart-in-the-throat moments! I’m glad to hear that Jonathan is OK. They all look happy enough…


  3. Laura

    So glad that he was not seriously hurt…it reminds me of the several times that Uncle Jimmy had a nack of walking into the batter-up when David or Uncle Wes were practicing their swings.


  4. Nicole

    Oh no!! I’m glad it wasn’t any worse!! He looks pretty happy, I have to say!! 🙂


  5. Beth

    Thankfully, like one person I know who battled the same adversary, it wasn’t his mouth and a permanent tooth in a prominent place ;)Way to go in the ER, Jonathan!


  6. lmngirls

    I miss your countdown baby thing, when’s the actual due date?ChristinaP.S. Impressive diaper bag by the way, Kat and I had 3 sewing machines btwn us my sisters, and 2 she inherited and we could not figure how to thread even one of them, so much for that 8th grade sewing elective I took. It was comical though, and she ended up sending her project to a tailor. Oh, and good thing you added the it was an accident comment, the way my girls fight sometimes, I assumed it was an on purpose clobber.


  7. Kelly

    Chris, my official due date is Aug. 12. Your story about you and Kat and the sewing machines made me laugh out loud! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.


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