Baseball Without Steroids

This month’s Reader’s Digest has an article about Sal Fasano, who went to the University of Evansville with David. They knew each other in school and we’ve kept tabs on Sal’s (long!) career ever since. They were dorm-mates first, and then after school they became brothers in the faith. Last month, when Sal was in Charlotte with the Richmond Braves, David had a chance to sit down and talk with him for a while.

The article highlights Sal’s decision to refrain from steroid use when it was suggested to him by his brother, a former power lifter. It also seems to cast an embittered pall on his personality, something that David didn’t see in their conversation. Yes, it has been a long, hard road for him. Since the article was written, he was once again picked up by a big league club, this time the Cleveland Indians. Here he is in a game last weekend.

Read the article! It may just restore your faith in baseball players again…or make you wish more guys were like Sal.

One thought on “Baseball Without Steroids

  1. Those who opted to turn to performance-enhancing drugs may well drive Mercedeses and BMWs, may well live in luxurious homes, may well boast gaudy career statistics that elicit oohs and aahs from adoring fans.But Sal Fasano, 36 and tired, is blessed with something a thousand times greater. He is a ballplayer. A real ballplayer.And he’s something more than that as well – a man who can stand before God with a clear conscience on this matter. That’s a blessing that will endure.


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