Family Man

These last days of pregnancy are those when David bears the brunt of responsibility in our home…his needs and wants are virtually ignored while the kids continue to need love and direction and I am essentially worthless at the end of the day. And on the other side of birth, he will be the one to take up the slack and play Mom and Dad while I put up my feet and feed the baby one more time.

Yet he bears it beautifully! Thank you, David.

“Family Man” from Trevor Little on Vimeo.

HT: The Rabbit Room

3 Responses to “Family Man”

  1. Laura

    Excellent points and so beautifully illustrated…both in word and in drawings!May you and David both enjoy the joys that are coming….GOD BLESS!Laura


  2. Shawnda

    When our husbands serve with joy, it makes the season all the more beautiful, doens’t it?! And you have 4 boys learning from him!!!! They are going to have some happy wives! ; )


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