1. Another night of contractions last night…I think I slept for three hours total. I really thought last night was it…anybody else get that horrible ache in their legs when they’re in labor? Yeah, I had that last night. And every contraction was over 60 seconds long. Yet at 6:30 I woke up and looked at the clock and thought, “Oh, I guess they stopped.”
  2. So another doctor’s appointment this morning, with the guy who delivered Jonathan (not my usual OB). He gave me the happy news that I am now 3 cm along, but also gave me the unhappy news that I am only 70% effaced. What? I went backwards? Grr. So subjective, all of these measurements.
  3. He gave me the option of scheduling an induction, to which I politely said, “I’d rather stay away from Pitocin if possible.” What I didn’t say was, “I had that devil-brew once and it gave me ONE contraction — A SINGLE CONTRACTION — that dilated me FIVE CENTIMETERS. AT ONE TIME. And yes, I had an epidural at the time. And yet I STILL felt like I WAS DYING.” I’ll save that speech for later. What was nice was that he said, “we can just break your water if you’d rather do that.” Oh, OK. That’d be nice, thank you. But let’s wait another week to see if my body can get its act together on its own.
  4. I found this handy device online last night…some of you might want to bookmark it: Contraction Timer. It times the length of each one and the time in between. So I laid on the couch by the light of the laptop and just reached over and clicked the mouse every once in a while. I still sort of felt like I was sleeping, apart from the glare in my eyes.
  5. Not pregnancy-related…books I’m excited about that just came in the mail today:
  • Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder.
  • This was recommended both by Al Mohler and NPR (it’s not often you see them agree on something!). A quote from the author: “The children and nature movement is fueled by this fundamental idea: the child in nature is an endangered species, and the health of children and the health of the Earth are inseparable.”

  • On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness
  • Written by one of my favorite songwriters, Andrew Peterson, this book is number one in his Wingfeather Saga.

  • The Creative Family
  • This book is penned by a woman in Maine whose blog I frequent: SouleMama (Amanda Soule is her name). She has her little ones doing amazing, quality workmanship in crafts and nature. I cracked it open as soon as it arrived and I’ve already got some plans cooking….

  • The Seashore Book
  • This book was purchased in anticipation of our November trip to the beach; beautiful illustrations are paired with Charlotte Zolotow’s prose of a conversation between mother and son about the seashore.

Even better is that I paid for these books with “found money”: a voucher I received from a Coinstar machine. Yay for loose change!

7 Responses to “List-o-mania”

  1. Sarah

    Yeah for soulemama! I Love this book for any reasons but simply because it makes me want to even more spend time with my family and not fuss over messes, dirty clothing, having a big plan, what other people think, etc. I met her in person this spring at a book signing- very lovely and humble. Some stuff is too earthy crunchy for me but most is great!!! I want the nature deficit book- seems interesting. Used the contractions counter with Daisy but not when I was really in labor. Too much pain to sit still! Also leg pain may be related to dehydration…. lots of leg pain with Carter… every time I would drink a couple glasses of water (and use the bathroom a ton) it would go away- just an idea!


  2. ReformedMommy

    I recommend serious walking (I know, not possible, but just try and pretend you’re not pregnant (ducking as you throw things at your monitor)), and then there’s that, um, other kind of activity… Seriously, that’s how Kate made her entrance so fast I didn’t even know I was in labor until I was 9 cm… šŸ™‚


  3. Melanie

    Did the day pass in flurry of Olympics watching? I hope you were able to get some rest today and that your little girl comes soon!I had been offered Pitocin with Ethan, which I refused because of the very reason you mentioned. I knew I was already going to be in a great amount of pain. Why compound it???


  4. sonia

    Hi Kelly! Sonia here. I’m totally new to this blogging thing but I love reading your posts. Lots of great advice…love the kitchen day tips:) Congrats on the girl!


  5. Sarah

    “I heard it through the grapevine!”- is she really here? In time for the Olympics? Yeah!


  6. cascadingwaters

    Last Child in the Woods is great! Colin heard the author speak at Worcester Academy earlier this year. He came home and started shooing our children outside!


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