She’s Here!

Please join us in welcoming

Madeleine Hope
August 8, 2008
2:50 a.m.
9 pounds even
21.5 inches

The delivery went well. The only “complication” was its relative speed…we arrived at the hospital at midnight and she was born less than three hours later. Maddie and I will be heading home from the hospital later today and then I hope to post pictures and more details.

17 Responses to “She’s Here!”

  1. sonia

    Yay! Wow 9lbs.!! My daughter is 4 months and is only 7.5! Just a bit of advice…girls can “get” you during a diaper change too:) so watch out:):):) p.s. I love the name, it was a consideration for out 2nd daughter


  2. Rachel

    Wonderful news, Congratulations.Love the name you have chosen. Enjoy these precious days, what a fortunate little girl to have all those big brothers 🙂


  3. Nicole

    Congratulations to the whole Keller family!! Welcome to the world sweet Madeleine!!! It was so nice to meet you last night in the hospital!


  4. Joy

    Welcome to the world, little one! We can’t wait to meet you.And good work, Kelly, yet again!


  5. Sarah

    Beautiful name. 9lbs yikes! Daiz was 9lb 4oz… not very lady-like if you ask me! So did you get to watch the opening games?


  6. Laura

    Happiness and joy to the entire Keller family. We are so pleased to hear about Madeleine!GOD BLESS YOU ALL!The Ackerman Family


  7. Christel

    Congratulations Keller Family. That’s like when I gave birth to Addison, we arrived at the hospital at 10:45 pm and she was born at 12:28 am. By the way, we’re expecting #3. We’re not going to try to keep up with you guys though… 3 is enough. We miss you guys. Good job Kelly!-The Mellinger Family


  8. ReformedMommy

    You know, when I saw that you were doing all that baking with blueberries, I thought “Oh, she is SO nesting”. :)Love the name, love you. xo


  9. Melanie

    Congrats on the arrival of Maddie. I can’t wait to see pictures!!! And I’m looking forward to hear the details. Much love to you all!


  10. Josh and Dana

    Yay, yay, yay!!!! And I LOVE her name too!! You guys have great taste. Welcome, sweet Maddie! Lots of people are waiting to meet the infamous Keller girl! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help in the weeks to come.


  11. Scotty and Lisa

    Yay! I agree that the name is fantastic. I suppose the secret to having such a short labor is to have 4 kids beforehand…I’m not sure I’ll be so lucky. We’re so excited for you guys and can’t wait to meet Maddie before too long!


  12. Amy

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! We look forward to meeting her and seeing you guys again. Fyi, Pastor and Penny’s daughter Kelsey just had a boy today (two days younger than little Maddie). Enjoy having a little girl – they are SO fun!


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