Here She Is, Part 2

So here’s the rundown, for those of you who care…I went to the doctor Thursday morning and he gave me what I thought was discouraging news. So I decided to make it a normal day as much as possible, since as far as I was concerned, I certainly wasn’t having a baby anytime soon. I ran some errands, gave the boys haircuts and bathed them, baked banana bread, and made blueberry crumble for dessert.

We had friends over for Bible study, where one (male) friend prophetically told me that I couldn’t go another day pregnant.

After everyone went home, contractions started in earnest around 9:45. We called my friend Erin around 11, and when she arrived we were off to the hospital, pulling up at exactly midnight. After triage determined that yes, in fact, I was in labor, we were ushered to a delivery room around 1 A.M. Epidural was ordered, IV was put in, labwork done…etc. The anesthesiologist arrived and did the epi. I’m not sure what time it was at this point, but suffice it to say that the pain meds didn’t have time to “take” completely. Contractions took over and did their work, and by 2:15 I was ordered to start pushing.

I was a little discouraged by how long I had to push. I didn’t understand why it was taking so long compared to three pushes for Jonathan’s birth. When Maddie finally arrived forty or so minutes later, I felt huge gratification when the doctor said, “This is a HEAVY baby.” I laughed as the doctors and nurses made me feel better with, “and that is a LONG cord!” “and that is a BIG placenta!”. So that’s why I couldn’t breathe…it makes perfect sense now….

She’s doing great — nursing well and eating like a horse.

Getting cleaned up
Meeting Mommy
Meeting Daddy
This is what a Keller girl looks like
Not that much different from a Keller boy 🙂
Meeting the brothers
A friend came over to visit last night and said, “I can’t believe you have five kids!”
Knock it off, Mom

Welcome, little Maddie! We’re so glad you’re finally here!

13 thoughts on “Here She Is, Part 2

  1. I took one day off of checking the blog for news and BAM – you have the baby! The girls called last night and one of the first things they said was that Kelly had the baby! CONGRATS! She’s beautiful, and I absolutely love the name Madeline! You just missed August 10th but really 08.08.08 is even more fun. And it gets you off the hook of trying to use “erica” or “christine.” Maybe you can just CALL her Erica. “This is our new baby Madeline but she goes by Erica.” Umm . . . jk. Lots of love to those boys of yours, too! A family of 7 . . . 7th Heaven!


  2. Wow! What an adventure. I do love seeing her and you all!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Can hardly wait to see her up close and personal. MUCH love Grandma and Grandpa K


  3. What a good looking bunch. I’m glad to hear the birth story! Maddie is a cutie pie and your boys look so grown up and handsome. Congrats!


  4. I love details! She is super cute and you definitely don’t look like you’d just gone through labor and delivery in those pics… Congrats to all of you on this new, precious addition to the family! We’re praying for these first few days and weeks of transition.


  5. Congratulations, there’s nothing better than a baby girl, at least as far as I’m concerned! Enjoy every pink moment you have together…What a sweet blessing, almost makes me want to have 5, actually not really.Love,ChristinaOh and now you’re officially my hero.


  6. so, my computer battery was going dead and I couldn’t write much! : ) But I’m back, and she’s a beauty!!! Can’t wait to see more! Been praying for ya!!!


  7. Kelly, Maddie is beautiful. It is so wonderful having a little lady…We can hardly wait to meet her in person!GOD BLESS ALL THE KELLERS!Laura


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