Random Thoughts on the Olympics

  • How do I convince boys who will almost certainly be over six feet tall that they probably won’t find success as (1) gymnasts or (2) divers? So far I’m letting them entertain the fantasy.
  • “Michael Phelps” is now as familiar a name in our house as anyone’s…Jonathan routinely says it with ease. I’m excited that the kids have a role model in the pool.
  • How much money does John Williams make every time NBC plays the Olympic theme? And does he get royalties for each time it repeats in my head?
  • Women’s beach volleyball is banned as an Olympic sport in our house until the ladies find some better uniforms (or…I should say…some actual uniforms).
  • One detail I forgot from the delivery room: the nurses, once they realized that Maddie was an 8-8-08 baby (she was the first one in that hospital), they congratulated me on an Olympic effort. Ha, ha.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on the Olympics

  1. I watched the MEN’S beach volleyball just to compare uniforms. Silly me thought that maybe the women NEED those skimpy outfits to help them play better. If so the men will be in speedos, right?Fortunately my theory was proved wrong, and we skip the womens volleyball.All we care about is swimming and gymnastics anyway.Congrats on a healthy happy baby girl.


  2. Peter wants to be a swimmer and Alex’s favorite is soccer. Yesterday they were thoroughly intrigued by the archery. (By the way, archery commentators are VERY BORING. I can add 10+10+9, thanks.)This morning, Grace came to me and asked, “Watch wimpx?”


  3. you know, Josh and I have been discussing William’s olympic theme as well…like how tired every member of the Charlotte symphony must be of playing it after performing it almost weekly this summer.And – most important – how William’s was BRILLIANT enough to give almost the entire melody to the TRUMPETS!. I may be wrong, but I think he made the same choice in the Indiana Jones theme…yes, I believe he did.


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