Happy Anniversary to Us

Well, things are not quite normal around here or otherwise I would have a nice sappy anniversary post here. Today is year #9 for David and I.

Instead, upon waking after interrupted sleep, we squinted at each other, wished one another a happy anniversary and confessed that we had no gifts or cards for the other.

3 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to Us”

  1. Andy and Laura

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I know it might be a little too early to leave maddie with sitters, but please let us know when we can help out to let you two go out and celebrate belatedly (if that is a word?)


  2. Melissa Winchell

    Am just re-entering blog world again today and saw ALL your amaing news…welcome to your new little one, and happy anniversary to you! Maddie is beautiful!!! You must be very proud. Love to you!


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