We’re getting ready to go to the library this morning, and Cameron just said to me, “Oh, Mom, we mustn’t forget to bring Madeleine.”

That boy may really come in handy!

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  1. Joy

    You’re taking trips to the library already?It looks like we just missed there today!


  2. Sarah

    You crazy lady… library trips 6 day postpartum?… that has to be a record! Good for you! I always get stir crazy too and read tons of books to Carter when Daisy was first born.. all that nursing time put to good use.


  3. Shawnda

    Did you really just tell us that you were going to the library????????????????????? Are you even a wk post LABOR??? Kelly, you never cease to amaze me!


  4. michelle

    Way to go! I was out and about with Ellison by the time she was 6 days old. I think we even went to church when she was 5…I think. I say if you’re feelin’ good, go for it!


  5. Rebecca

    Wait…isn’t there some rule about not exposing newborns to the great big world for the first few weeks of life? I’ve heard that and assumed everyone was meant to be sequestered at home for the first month…not true?


  6. Kelly

    Becky, I think that used to be the case but is no longer so. It depends on mom’s comfort and the pediatrician’s advice, of course, but in general we don’t wait long to resume a few outings here and there. I would never put a baby this young in a group care situation (the church nursery, for example), but their immunities leftover from “cooking” and from breastfeeding is adequate to protect them from normal everyday interaction with the outside world.I think resuming some outside contact is a healthy thing to help the siblings adjust and help Mom not feel quite so cooped-up and sad at a time of life that could otherwise be a depressing one.I did not feel well enough to do that with Cameron, though. I spiked a fever after I had him and it took me a good couple of weeks to get out and about.


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