More Baby Pictures

Here are some highlights of Maddie’s first few days at home…

First bath, with help from big brother Andrew

One week old
(here you can see those long fingers everyone keeps talking about!)
A story from big brother Cameron

Here she is in the bonnet made by her cousin Mara

12 thoughts on “More Baby Pictures

  1. I almost posted a comment yesterday telling you it was about time for some new pictures! :-)What a sweetheart!! I can’t wait to get my hands on her again!!!!


  2. She’s a cutie. It’s weird seeing a baby laying on a PINK blanket in your house…Cameron is such a good big brother. Do you think the boys are treating Maddie differently since she’s a girl rather than a boy? Just curious…


  3. Oh, forgot to leave the other message, I was so enamored by the Pictures of Maddie, Just wanted you know you have something special at A Bit of the Blarney.


  4. Loved your story on the morning you had the other day with the whole poop incident, could so relate! And I loved the whole don’t forget Maddie thing, it’s a joy to read about your life and little ones and the grace I need to be reminded of!Christina


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