It was a tiring night with the baby last night, so instead of trying to form a cohesive thought, I am posting links today.

  • Need to update your library? Have some money to burn? Try this library from Ebay. (HT: Challies)
  • I made this sandwich for dinner last night. Ree describes it as “man-pleasin’.” There were some happy men around this house, oh yes ma’am there were. I melted mozzarella on it for kicks.
  • Looking to buy a house? Check out this hilarious collection of real (yes, really!) pictures of homes for sale. I’m not sure what people are thinking!
  • My mom bought me this incredibly fun book of cupcakes for my birthday: Hello, Cupcake! Jonathan is looking through it right now to decide on a birthday cupcake.

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  1. michelle

    that sandwich looks amazing! my mouth is watering! hope you’re able to catch a nap today. those nights are rough…


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