Pressing questions posed to me at dinnertime tonight by Cameron:

  • Which weighs more, a male lion or a car?
  • How many meals a day should an Emperor penguin eat in order to weigh as much as a male lion?

So, anybody can just jump in here with the answers…

4 Responses to “Overheard”

  1. Andy and Laura

    andy and I are LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY! andy believes the penguin should eat three hearty, healthy meals to weigh as much as a male lion! Mr. Andy says so! =)


  2. Jessica

    I recommend one of two approaches…the “consultative approach” (every answer depends on another variable.)…1) Depends on the car.2) Depends on the meal.or the “question with a question approach:1) How old is the lion you have in mind? Has his winter coat come in? Is there luggage in the trunk of the car? Which options were selected for the vehicle (underbody rust proofing)?2) How many courses do you think the meals are? Is the penguin taking a vitamin supplement? Is he working out?


  3. Friend of Cirdan

    Have we learned nothing from our readings of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? To life’s biggest questions, the answer is always and only: 42.


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