We Interrupt This Prolonged Silence for a Post

Oh, sorry. You were asleep, weren’t you?

We started school this week. Go ahead, roll your eyes at my overoptimism starting school with a three week old in the house. So far we’re surviving. In fact, I’m kind of thankful for lots of things to do to amuse the children. The unscheduled, unstructured summer was wearing me out, Olympics or no.

Cameron is in second grade this year. He’s done with reading instruction, taking on harder readings for school, and forging ahead in math. As usual, my most difficult task will be keeping up with him. His memory is amazing…I assigned him a poem Monday morning to memorize for this term, and I think he’s already done with it. Now we’ll work on delivering it in a pleasant way, instead of machine-gun fashion.

Ben, a first-grader this year, is starting to really impress me with his listening abilities. His attention is growing keener every day. I am thrilled with his narrations. His handwriting is excellent (so glad I waited instead of teaching too early like I did with Cam!), and his reading developed more even as we took time off over the summer. I’m a little nervous about math this year with him, but he surprised me last year and I know he could do the same again this year.

Andrew is growing more and more interested in school and all that happens there. He wants to learn to read in the worst way (we will begin this year, but I haven’t started yet!), and he’s memorizing a poem each term as well. At breakfast, his little voice is always the first to pipe up with the answer to the boys’ catechism questions and memory verse recitations.

Jonathan is always coming along behind, eager to join in whatever we’re doing. And although he’s showing some three-year-old…ummm…spunk…lately, if addressed properly, he sees the joy in obeying without complaint. The challenge with him usually lies in convincing him that he’s not seven like Cameron is.

And little Maddie…she’s doing everything someone her age should be: learning to control her head and neck, napping, eating, burping, spitting up, filling diapers, and showing promise in her nighttime sleeping abilities.

Pictures have been sorely lacking lately, I know. They’re coming!

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  1. Melanie

    I love hearing the update about your kids. I remember when I taught the kids’ sunday school way back when, Ben was very attentive even then. He surprised me with some of the questions I asked after telling the story. Then again, he may have already knew the answers…Anyway, the update was great! And I’m looking forward to seeing pictures!


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