(Family watching the US Open)

Cameron: Ben, I think a good way to win at tennis is for one player to hit it so far that it’s hard for the other player to hit it. But please don’t tell anyone, because this is my tennis secret.

(This one has the alternate title of “Mother or Con Artist?”)

(Mom emptying dishwasher while boys eat lunch. Madeleine begins to cry.)

Jonathan: Mommy, Madeleine is crying! [he is the only one who calls her by her entire name]
Mommy: It’s OK, I will feed her just as soon as I’m done emptying the dishwasher.
Ben, watching Mom: Wow, Mom, you are fast at that!
Mommy: Yes! If you practice, maybe you can be as fast as me someday!
Ben, totally buying it: Yeah! Or FASTER!

2 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. cameron never ceases to make us laugh out loud….. totally with you dana! (only i dont have a little one napping, but if i did, i am sure a nap would be disturbed!)…. we wont tell his tennis secret either!


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