Big Girl

We went to the ped for Maddie’s one-month checkup today.

She’s the size of an average 3-month-old.

12 pounds, 22 1/2 inches

7 Responses to “Big Girl”

  1. Melanie

    She sounds like she’s on the “ethan” path. E was 17 lbs at 2 months (doubled his birth weight). I love the pics you’ve shared with us so far. She’s a cutie!


  2. lmngirls

    My Morgan is 90th percentile weight! I’m so proud, do you think I should be concerned about the fact that she’s 20th percentile height? What a combo! I love when babies are meaty! Enjoy her cushiness!Christina


  3. Kelly

    I haven’t looked to be sure, but Cameron and Ben were almost always off the charts. I don’t think Cameron’s head was on any chart until he was a toddler.


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