Miss America I am Not

Sunday morning I came downstairs after getting dressed for church. I was slightly happy that I had fit into yet another (different) skirt and had found a brown top to go with it. As I was tying Jonathan’s shoes, Cameron entered the room and said, “Wow, Mom, you look like a park ranger.”

Cue this mental image:


I collected myself enough to say, “Oh, really? Is that good?”

Cameron nodded eagerly and Ben said, “I think you look really nice.” Then Andrew piped up, “Yeah, Mom! You look like a gentlewoman.” (He grinned as he said this, because I often tell them when they look like little gentlemen.)

So then this picture flashed into my mind:

OK. Still not on the cusp of fashion, but whatever. I prefer this association.

Then last night I was getting ready to go out for coffee with a friend and David told me I looked like this man:


Maybe I need less brown and olive green in my wardrobe?

7 Responses to “Miss America I am Not”

  1. Scotty and Lisa

    That’s pretty funny… I think you always look pretty and I’m a big fan of brown as well. 🙂 Boys don’t always know how to express themselves very well…


  2. Beth

    Too funny, Kelly! Yep, sounds like jazzing up your wardrobe with a little color is in order. I love looking at knitting and embroidery designs by Kristin Nicholas to expand my color horizons and I am now in love with Anthropologie after a shopping trip there yesterday with my mother-in-law to pick out some early birthday gifts. Fun, fun clothes.


  3. Joy

    Hilarious.But think, with your job, you need to dress practically, whether crocodiles are involved or not.My kids do the same thing. Because of the expanding belly, I started wearing some black yoga pants that I rarely wear. The kids wrinkled their noses and made some comments. When I went to get Grace up from her nap, she laughed and pointed and said, “what those pants?” I said, “What, do you think I’m wearing clown pants, too?” Now, whenever I wear them, she says, “Those your clown pants?”


  4. The Nature Of Reading

    oh, my, have i been at the same end of little boy comments. mine told me when my hair was short that i looked like a boy and maybe i should try some of the products they show on tv to make women look nice. at least your boys THOUGHT they were complementing you! lol!


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