Please Send Help Immediately.

Dear blog readers,

Ever since my mother was told by her friend Nicole that you can stick a bow to a baby’s head with corn syrup, she has gone off the deep end with the sticky bows.

At this time, I am unable to grasp my hands in a productive way. Your assistance is appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Please Send Help Immediately.

  1. Dear Maddie,I can’t believe you posted this on your mom’s blog. Don’t you realize other people’s moms read this stuff too? I’m doomed now.If anyone comes to help you out, send them this way next…Rachel


  2. Just had to take a break, and so glad I did. Maddie, if I could help I would. Just know that this urge Mom has will pass…to yet another. That’s what MoM’s do. GrandmaKThis was the light in my morning, Kelly! Thank you!!! Cathy


  3. Dear Madeleine,Your Mommy is just so thrilled to finally have something beautiful stuck to one of her childrens heads instead of cheerios, raisins, chocolate chips, gum, and so on. (Brothers seem to do the strangest things!) This phase won’t last long, and really you DO look lovely… well, at least she’s good at matching!Mrs. Amber


  4. Dear Maddie,When I was a newborn, the nurses in the hospital stuck a bow to my head with something for my official hospital photo. When Mom & Dad brought me home they had a terrible time getting the gunk off my scalp and hair. Be thankful it's only corn syrup 'cause it will wash away.I'm 10 now and HATE bows in my hair, I'm more a braids or pony tail type of girl.Sarah Katy Gibson


  5. Oh little Maddie,But it just looks so stinkin’ cute!!! Maybe I should send some more ribbon your Mommy’s way. I know right now I’m not your favorite big friend, but maybe there’s hope for you and Kate. She feels your pain – literally. Love and lots of bows,Mrs. Nicole


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