Question for Other Homeschool Parents

Do you do a beginning-of-the-school-year shopping trip for clothing with your kids? Or do you just try to pick up fall/winter clothes along the way?

I ask this because I grew up doing the traditional back-to-school shopping at the end of summer, but I attended traditional school. Up until now, I’ve gotten by with doing end-of-season sales (stocking up for the following year). But this year, it seems like my kids have so few fall clothes…I started thinking that maybe we should do a little back-to-school shopping next year.

Anyway, obviously this is not of dire importance, but I am curious.

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  1. Joy

    It may be dire if they truly have NO CLOTHES to wear.So far I’ve done what you’ve done: shop end of season sales for next year’s sizes.The challenge for me is keeping track of what I need and what and what I already have plenty of. It’s no good having 75 $2 size 5 tee-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts.


  2. cascadingwaters

    I’ve heard from others that they shop the sales after the back-to-school stuff goes on sale (as you usually don’t need it until at least October, anyway).I usually grab almost everything over the summer from Lands’ End closeout and such, school or not. We did very little back to school even for Mara.


  3. Anonymous

    As the Dad that financed Kelly’s experience…I learned that “back to school” was like Christmas shopping. Save for it ahead of time – or pay through the nose on credit cards later….a good lesson to learn early in life. Learn from those of us who learned the hard way….and sales are good…


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