Because it’s Friday

…and because (here) it’s rainy and windy and the perfect day for it, please enjoy Sense and Sensibility.

On my blog.

Because you can.

(I’m not sure why it’s saying it’s not available; if you click on it, you will be directed to Hulu, where it plays just fine šŸ™‚ )

And then try to wrap your head around the fact that at this moment, Ang Lee is directing a movie on my grandfather’s farm. Starring (among others) my grandfather’s cows and goat. If my grandfather knew that the movie also stars a gay couple and a transvestite, he would probably drive them all off with his tractor with a shotgun in hand.

So let’s just not tell him, OK?

5 thoughts on “Because it’s Friday

  1. THIS WAS EXACTLY MY THOUGHT!!! ‘Though how anyone is going to prevent him from going to see it in the movie theater is beyond me.He’s in it, you know. Driving a tractor. We’ll see if that survives the cutting room.


  2. WOW!!! That is so cool! How did it come about that they found his farm? Now I can say I’ve been there…that is if I see the movie! or I could at least say when I see the previews….”the farm that’s in the movie is my friends grandpa’s farm and I went with her one day to the farm to pick up a kitten.”


  3. Um, is anyone planning on telling him? šŸ™‚ And if this is a movie about Woodstock, is your grandfather’s farm the one they’re going to use the actual Woodstock scenes? Seriously, I actually spent a little time working on movie sets in my younger days – I’ve seen what kind of havoc gets wreaked when they’re filming something sedate, I can’t imagine what might happen if they’re recreating Woodstock!!!


  4. Um…no, Karla, I do not. I would hope you would have picked up on that with the exaggerated, jocular tone, but apparently I wasn’t clear enough. Sorry about that. Thanks for stopping by, and in the future I would appreciate it if you could leave at least an email address.


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