How Behind Am I?

Today I’m sending birth announcements out to family and faraway friends. (To our friends in Charlotte: sorry, this time you get left out. I didn’t make enough, and most of you have seen Maddie in person by now anyway.)

First, let’s consider that the “birth” announcements are going out one day before the child is two months old.

Also, the picture enclosed is a month old. It was taken on September 8.

Lastly, the stamps. I am using stamps from LAST CHRISTMAS. Forty-one cent stamps with the little one-cent stamp beside them. Why? Because I never sent Christmas cards last year. Morning sickness was kicking my butt and not even my parents got a card. It was all I could do to get a ham in the oven on Christmas day without throwing up.

Even more terrible, I have stamps left over from the Christmas before! They’re thirty-seven cent ones that I ran across while cleaning my desk this past summer. I guess I need to send more mail.

But, yea and amen, I will do better this year. Holly Jolly.

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