Welcome to School at Our House

I thought I’d give you a tour of our schoolroom…

It’s nice and sunny in the mornings, which helps me stay motivated! It also makes winter mornings in this room more inviting.

(obviously I took these pictures a little while ago)
Our calendar and chalkboard

This bookshelf contains Jonathan and Andrew’s things, as well as our seasons display.
This tray was inspired by an excerpt in The Creative Family, and I put our copy of A Child’s Calendar behind it. A continual struggle on my part is the effort to make the schoolroom more beautiful, and less utilitarian-looking. I want it to be a nice place to be.
Andrew’s efforts to make the schoolroom more beautiful include mounting pictures on the wall using a glue stick.
The main wall contains our maps and the prints of the artist we’re studying. This term’s artist is Sandro Botticelli (he painted The Birth of Venus, among others)

My favorite addition for this year: a bookshelf for MY books.
This is where some of the kids’ books live; the bulk of their library is in their room. Also, Cameron and Ben keep their school things in those wooden boxes, and the Rescue Heroes hang out in the box down below. Above the shelf you see a magnetic strip where I can change what’s hanging (there you see some pictures of animals from The Burgess Animal Book). To the right stands a cabinet which is OFF LIMITS (thus the signs) and contains our more expensive art supplies, math manipulatives, mom’s office supplies, etc. The boys are allowed in here, but they must first ask permission.

Here are the clipboards we use for drawing nature outside. The bottom one says “nuevo” because viejo (old) and nuevo (new) were two of our Spanish vocabulary words that week.

I was far more organized going into school this year, which has made our adjustment a breeze. I hope to make it that way every year.

6 Responses to “Welcome to School at Our House”

  1. Laura

    Well Done, Kelly!I love all of the artwork and the drawing boards. My students are outside right now drawing the front of the school. They love it!!!You are so very organized…I cannot begin to show you photos of my desk at school…scary!!!Laura


  2. cascadingwaters

    (trying hard not to envy you your space!)We’re working at our kitchen table this morning. We even got bumped out of the living room for circle time, due to construction…or destruction!


  3. Kristi

    I love those magnetic strips! Where did they come from? Just found your blog, looking forward to reading it :).


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